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Suggested instrumentation for laboratories

June 9, 2017 11:37 am

Suggested instrumentation for soil, plant physiology and environmental science laboratories

During our recent travels, we realised the need for upgrading University Laboratories in Soil Science, Plant Physiology, Environmental Science and related areas. These laboratories teach students at all levels concepts and principles in soil, plant, food and environmental science. These are key laboratories in agricultural and natural resources sciences where students test and apply theories. These laboratories must have up-to-date instruments and facilities to ensure future agriculturists and environmental stewards are equipped with appropriate skills. The links below lists suggested instruments for various concepts in soil, plant, food and environmental sciences:

Plant and Food

Leaf morphology and LAI

Leaf temperature

Canopy temperature


Photosynthesis and Stomatal conductance

Plant-water uptake and stress

Tree/Wood health

Root Structure and morphology


Ethylene and gas analysers


In-situ soil moisture

Soil water potential

Infiltration rates

Waterlogging in soil

Soil compaction

Particle distribution

Soil solution extraction


Automatic weather station

Solar radiation

Photosynthetically active radiation

Ultra-violet radiation

Radiation Fluxes

Rainfall intensity