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Plant Water Relations Workshops

Plant Water Relations Workshops

March 30, 2016 1:32 pm

Professor Mike Dixon and Newton Tran from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, recently visited ICT International to present a series of Plant Water Relations workshops. Mike demonstrated the importance of plant water relations to the coming space expeditions for growing food on Mars through to obtaining registration for a mycorrhizal soil treatment to aid tree transplant survival.


Specifically Newton & Mike discussed in detail the outcomes of a detailed two year statistical trial using 40 x PSY1 Stem Psychrometers to obtain critical plant water potential data demonstrating significant water savings in the nursery industry in Ontario and how this can be translated to horticultural crops.

These workshops in Melbourne, Mildura and University of Western Sydney were very well attended. The attendees were equally from persons engaged in commercial horticulture, vegetation monitoring as affected by ground water monitoring and scientists involved in many aspects of ecophysiology. Topics were the subject of active discussion and debate which resulted in very positive outcomes for all participants.

As a result of the interest and outcomes these workshops covering plant water relations will be repeated at different locations in Australia in November 2016. Persons interested & willing to assist ICT International in order to have a workshop in their location should contact ICT International.