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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Measuring Soil Moisture with ICT International’s IoT product range

December 4, 2019 5:19 pm

Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Connected Soil Measurement

ICT International has specialised in plant, soil and environmental monitoring instrumentation since 1979.

A scientific and applications focused company, ICT International is constantly researching and developing monitoring, management and research solutions for environmental, agricultural (cropping, horticultural and plantation), forestry, mining and industrial applications.

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Dr. Peter Cull (1982) Introduces quantitative soil moisture monitoring to the Australian cotton industry.

Soil MoistureIoT Soil Moisture SNiP Solar Example With Rice

A suite of sensors covering the range of different technologies available for measuring soil moisture content including ADR, TDR and capacitance principals



Soil Water PotentialIoT Soil Water Potential SNiP Solar Example With TomatoJetfill tensiometers for measuring soil tension in the range 0-70 kPa. Solid ceramics for soil water potential of -100kPa and drier. Soil Oxygen and TemperatureIoT Soil Oxygen & Temperature SNiP Solar Example With Cotton

Soil oxygen and temperature sensors for crop research, industrial mining and landfill applications.

Real-Time Nutrient Damage
The GroundTruth Lysimeter System combines a very large repacked strip lysimeter with automated  drainage measurement and water sampling, providing a measurement of nutrient losses viewable in real-time.

The lysimeter can be installed across crop rows or plots, to integrate variation in the field. Once installed, the lysimeter is completely below-ground, unaffected by farm operations, and undamaged by cultivation

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MFR-NODE: Multifunction Research Node Features

Inside the MFR-Node
  • LoRaWAN™ low-power long-range connectivity; Cat-M1; SDI-12;
  • SD Card for data storage;
  • 4 x 32-bit dry-contact counting digital inputs;
  • 24-bit ADC for 2x differential / 4x single ended sensor, selectable 3.3V, 5V or 12V excitation;
  • Solar rechargeable 6.5Ah or 13Ah Lithium-ion or external DC power options

Soil Moisture In Coffee (Vietnam)

In the highlands of Central Vietnam, vast areas of planted coffee rely heavily on seasonal rainfall. With changing climate, rainfall becomes more unpredictable, and necessitates the investment in optimum irrigation. In cooperation with the Western Highlands Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (WASI) the soil moisture condition in 4 year-old Robusta Coffee crop was monitored. The investigation also monitored seasonal variability of tree water use which was found to be reliant not only on soil moisture availability but also on seasonal sunshine duration. This use case can be downloaded from here on the ICT International Website.

Partnering with ICT International


ICT International pursues market opportunities around the world and is always open to new partnerships with individuals and companies involved in every part of our supply chain, from farm gate to sensors and satellites. Please contact us at

IoT Sensors and Systems from ICT International

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