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LoRaWAN Nodes

September 19, 2018 11:40 am


ICT International is well known in the agricultural and environmental industries. Over the past 40 years ICT International has developed and implemented many sensors for agricultural and environmental monitoring. Examples are: AWS Automatic Weather Station, SMM1 Soil Moisture Meter, LSM Light Sensor Meter and other sensors that measure plant growth.

ICT International has now developed LoRaWAN Nodes which are specifically designed for each sensor, so that the sensor can be deployed directly in an IoT network.

ICT International has deployed a LoRaWAN network in Armidale NSW. Making Armidale IoT capable opens a wide range of potential monitoring opportunities for the community.

ICT International conducted surveys of the Node signal strength across Armidale which led to creating a map and knowledge of best placement of Nodes at specific/strategic locations for triggering emergency alarms such as flooding across roads.