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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.


ICT Combined Instrument Software
Release: 13/Feb/2017Release NotesDataview Manual
Download (Windows) (12.9 MB)
Download (Mac) (16.7 MB)
ICT Combined Instrument Software
Beta Version:
Release Notes
Download (Windows) (13.2 MB)
ICT Dataview Standalone/Educational
Version: Beta 11
Download (Windows) (13.2 MB)
USB Driver
Note: This USB driver is used for most ICT instruments, including older ICT MCC (MCC1, MCC2, MCC-CH-G-2).
Such as: SFM, PSY, HFD, AML & VSL (VSL are: AIM, LSM, SMM, SOM, STM, TSM, HFM etc.)
Release: 18/Apr/2017 – Release Notes
Download (2 MB)
ICT Telemetry Hub USB Driver Release: 9/Jun/2017
Download (88 KB)
MPKit Software
Release: 18/Jan/2012
Download (1.8 MB)
DBL60 Dendrometer Software
Version: 4.03.26
Release: 31/Aug/2015
Download (10.5 MB)
USB Driver (2.3 MB)
 Release: 06/Jun/2014
Download (2.5 MB)

.msi files are instrument software install/update files.
.fub files are instrument firmware update files, installed using the Device Firmware Updater (DFU) Utility.
GCB04 Note – This firmware is used to upgrade all ICT Instruments manufactured after January 2012. Make sure you are using the latest version of the DFU Utility Software.


ICT Device Firmware Updater (DFU)
Version: R1-8-2-1
Release: 08/Oct/2015
Download (865 KB)
(Comms and power management firmware)

Version: R2-6-1
Release: 11/Nov/2017
Download (142 KB)
Version: R1-8-8
Release: 01/Feb/2016 Release Notes
Download (142 KB)
Version: R1-7-8
Release: 25/Oct/2016Release Notes
Download (142 KB)
VSL (AIM, LSM, SMM, SOM, STM, TSM, HFM1, DEN1 (not DEN5) etc.
Version: R1-5-9
Release: 18/Apr/2017Release Notes
Download (142 KB)
Version: R2-4-3
Release: 31/Aug/2017Release Notes
Download (282 KB)
HFD1 (HFD8-100)
Version: R1-2-3
Release: 09/Jun/2017Release Notes
Download (155 KB)
HFD2 (HFD8-50)
Release: 09/Jun/2017 Release Notes
Download (155 KB)
Version: R1-0-2
Release: 09/Jul/2014
Download (142 KB)
SDI1 (ICT SDI-12 Logger)
Version: R1-1-8
Release: 1/Nov/2017 – Release Notes
Download (108 KB)

Windows Minimum Requirements

The ICT Combined Instrument Software may require the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable to be installed.
If you find that CIS produces an error when you attempt to run it, please install the redistributable; this is freely available from Microsoft Here.

ICT Combined Instrument Software

The following table outlines the features of the ICT Combined Instrument Software. Contact ICT International for more information on the Combined instrument Software.

Feature Free Activated Activated + Online Data Service
Connect to instruments via USB / RF Yes Yes Yes
View and edit instrument configuration Yes Yes Yes
Download, delete, rename data files Yes Yes Yes
View downloaded instrument data in table / plot format No Yes Yes
Configure which channels are viewable in data table No Yes Yes
Configure which channels are viewable in plot No Yes Yes
Combine channels from multiple data sets into a single plot No Yes Yes
Save a copy of the entire CSV file No Yes Yes
Export a portion of the CSV file No Yes Yes
Retrieve data from cloud service No No Yes
Combine plot data from local and online sources No No Yes

ICT Combined Instrument Software: Dataview Manual.

Legacy Software

This software has either been replaced by the Combined Instrument Software, or is not in common use.

Release: 17/03/2013
Download (2.5 MB)
Release: 13/09/2013
Download (1.8 MB)
Required Minimum Firmware: R1-4-3
Release: 03/06/2015
Download (1.2 MB)
Required Minimum Firmware: R1-4-5
Release: 06/06/2014
Download (2.5 MB)
MCC-Hub Configuration Software
Release: 9/02/2016
Download (1.3 MB)
ICT Weight Scale Meter
Release: 23/04/15
Download (2.4 MB)

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