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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

SKR 110 Red/Far-Red Sensor

This sensor is a 2 channel radiometer, essentially two sensors in one. The specially designed light collecting head (fully Cosine Corrected) randomly slits light between two separately filtered photodiodes, giving a light intensity output for each of the red and far-red channels, ideal for measuring the RFR Ratio. Wavelengths other than 660nm and 730nm may be chosen if required. Skye's calibration facility scope is between 280 and 1100nm, with bandwidths from 5nm to several hundred nm (broadband).

  • 2 Channel Sensor
  • Red/Far-Red ratio
  • Monitors light quality for plant growth
  • For phytochrome studies
Construction Material Dupont ‘Delrin’ fully sealed to IP68
Cable 2 core screened DEF std 61-12/4/5
Sensor Cosine corrected head
Detector GaAsP
Filters Optical Glass
Sensitivity Channel 1 (1) 660 channel approx. 30 mmol/mamp
Sensitivity Channel 2 (1) 730 channel approx. 30 mol/amp
Working Range (2) <20004 mol/m2/sec
Linearity Error < 0.2%
Absolute Calibration Error (3) Typically < 3%, 5% max
Cosine Error (4) 3%
Azimuth Error (5) < 1%
Temperature Coefficient +0.1%/°C
Longterm Stability (6) +2%
Response Time (7)(Voltage Output) 10ns
Temperature Range -35 to +75°C
Humidity Range 0-100% RH
Dimensions 69mm/34mm/34mm H/W/D
Weight 160g (with 3m cable)

Notes on Specifications:
(1) Current output varies from sensor to sensor. Each individual unit will have a slightly different output. A calibration certificate is supplied with each sensor.
(2) All Skye sensors will work at levels of irradiance well above that found in terrestrial sunlight conditions, room or growth chamber lighting.(3) Main source of this error is uncertainty of calibration of Reference Lamp. Skye calibration standards are directly traceable to N.P.L standard references.
(4) Cosine error to 80° is typically 5% max. Figures shown are for normal use sources, e.g., sun plus sky, diffuse sun, growth chambers, etc.
(5) Measured at 45° elevation over 360°.
(6) Maximum change in one year. Calibration check recommended at least every two years. Experience has shown that changes are typically much less than figures quoted.
(7) Times are generally less than the figure quoted, which is in nanoseconds. They may be slightly increased if long leads are fitted, or those of a higher capacity cable.

Skye Instruments have been specialising in light and radiation sensors since 1983. All are designed, manufactured and calibrated to the highest standards. Each is supplied with a Calibration Certificate traceable to the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL). The Red/Far-Red (RFR) sensor is one of a range of Skye’s light sensors for plant growth and research. It is second in popularity only to the PAR Quantum sensor in this field.

Sensors are suitable for use in natural solar radiation or any lamp or light source. Each is fully waterproof and guaranteed submersible to 4m depth. As with all Skye sensors, the Red/Far-Red sensor has been quoted in may scientific references, please ask for a list of publications. They are compatible with Skye Display Meters, SpectroSense meters and DataHog loggers, as well as instruments from other manufacturers.