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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

DPS40 Pivot Stem Dendrometer

The DPS40 Pivot Stem Dendrometer is a pivot-based sensor for measurement of small stems.

  • Pivot-based sensing
  • Sensors are individually calibrated in mm of diameter
  • Step-less reading
  • Easy and fast non-invasive fixing
  • SDI-12 output

• Working range 5 to 40 mm
• One micrometer resolution
• Accuracy 0.5% full scale
• Tightening strength up to 2 N
• Temperature dependence better than 1 um/K

The DPS40 features SDI-12 output for compatibility with a range of data logging solutions.

The DPS40 is also available with voltage output (DPV40).

  • AML1 Advanced Multi-function Logger
    Advanced Multi-function Logger. Weather Station Logger - Includes barometric pressure sensor corrected for elevation, 4GB MicroSD card, internal battery, USB and Wireless Communciations, IP67 Water proof enclosure and Windows Software. Calculated parameter channels: no limit.
  • ICT SDI-12 Logger
    The SDI-12 Logger from ICT International is a rugged, self-contained, standalone logger designed to collect data from SDI-12 sensors. The SDI-12 Logger is able to receive up to 250 parameters from a maximum of 30 individual sensors.
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