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Tempe Remote Kit 1428K

There are times when you’d like to have a portable soils lab to get reasonable moisture retention curves for the 1 Bar range or do some flow studies in a remote location without compressors or electricity. Consider the model 1428 K series for doing those tests right on the spot.

It’s all packed away in a waterproof case for easy transport and includes everything you’ll need. 1428K1 Remote Tempe Kit, for vacuum extractions
– Includes 5ea. 1400D2.25-B1M5 Tempe Cells with 5 ea. 206L06TB Brass Cylinders 6cm long – all assembled and ready to go.
In addition there’s 2005G2 Vacuum Hand Pump with gauge, Pressure – Vacuum Reservoir with 5 port inlet, 5ea. 50 ml vacuum flask, 1ea. battery operated scale 500 gm -.01g precision, Specialized Tempe Stand (for 5 Tempe cells) and all associated clamps, tubing, tees to get it all up and running. 1428K2 Remote Tempe Kit, for pressure or vacuum extractions replaces the 2005G2 Vacuum Pump with our portable 2008 Electric Pressure/Vacuum pump housed in its own separate carrying case and 5 ea. 1405B02M1 Tempe porous plates, 2.25 dia., 2 Bar. for pressure extraction to 2 Bars.

1428K1 REMOTE TEMPE KIT, Vacuum Extraction Kit, Includes, 5ea. 1400D2.25, Vacuum Flasks, Hand Vacuum Pump, Vacuum /Pressure Reservoir, Special Tempe Stand, associated hoses connectors.
In carrying case.

1428K2 REMOTE TEMPE KIT, Pressure/ Vacuum Extraction Kit, 5ea. 1400D2.25, Vacuum Flasks, 2008 Pres./Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Flasks, Vacuum /Pressure Reservoir, Special Tempe Stand, 5ea 1405B02M1 2 Bar Plates, associated hoses connectors. In carrying case.

0200 SOIL CORE SAMPLER, using 6cm long brass or stainless steel cylinders

6952V12-110 12VDC to 110 VAC charger for the 2008 Pressure / Vacuum pump.