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0192K1 Root Auger Kit 2m

A complete root coring system. Plant rooting is one of the most important areas of plant health and there is no better way to gauge this important plant feature than with a good set of root cores. The 192K1 provide all the equipment in one complete set. Using the extension capabilities allows you to take vertical core segments down to a depth of several meters. Such a set of rooting cores can provide vital data on layering effects on growth, determine consistency and uniformity of rooting with depth, and assess effects of groundwater, acidity or salinity. A real useful tool to benefit the researcher or the commercial consultant that needs visual verification of plant health symptoms related to root associated diseases and / or stress factors.

Weight: 61.0 lbs (27.5 kgs)


The bipartite root auger can be used in almost any kind of soil, regardless of the resistance of penetration. The standard set allows sampling to a depth of 2 m. The samples are practically undisturbed and equal in size and volume. This is relevant when comparing the root density of different soil samples.

The bipartite root auger is used in:

  • Research into rootability, depth and complexity of root systems in soil layers.
  • Root sampling in urban areas (little space is required, it will suffice to lift one paving stone).
  • Sampling of compost, in combination with the Edelman auger.

The Edelman auger combination type is suitable for universal soils. The Riverside auger is suitable in hard, rigid soils and in gravelly soils. Both augers are often applied in exploratory augering and in obtaining rough estimates of the extent of root- age. In addition, they are used in pre-augering the soil layers under examination, and in reaming the borehole. The Riverside auger is suitable for levelling the bottom of the borehole.

Total Sample depth: 2 Meters.
Weight: 61 lbs.
Dimensions: 46 x 11 x 10 inches.

The bi-partite root auger is part of the root auger set for sampling to a depth of 2 m. It includes an Edelman auger, a Riverside auger, an impact-absorbing hammer and various accessories. The root auger lends itself to taking undisturbed, uniform soil samples of maximal 15 cm. The root auger can be used in almost any type of soil.

Generally speaking, it is essential to trees to have a complex and extensive root system. This root system allows exploitation of a large soil volume, which in turn renders full absorption of water and nutrients. A well-developed root system will reveal the features of a soil profile, such as moisture content, nutrients, air and the presence of layers that are hard to root.

Rootage research is essential in understanding the rootability, depth and complexity of root systems in differing soil layers.

It also helps to locate physical or chemical barriers in the soil profile. Rootage information also allows attuning to optimal fertilisation and soil cultivation.

The root auger set contains bottom parts with auger bodies belonging to the root auger, Edelman auger and the River- side auger. In addition, it contains a standard upper part with detachable handle, a short upper part with beating head, an impact-absorbing hammer, a utility probe, a spare drilling crown and accessories.

An extension rod can be attached to the root auger to allow augering to a depth of 2 m. The rod is attached to the auger by a conical thread connection. The complete root auger set is contained in an aluminium transport case.