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CIS: SDI-12 Sensor Repository

The following is a list of all SDI-12 sensors whose parameters are stored in the ICT Combined Instrument Software (CIS) for ease of setup.

Other sensors can be added manually.

Current Sensor Repository:

Manufacturer Sensor
Acclima TDR-315L
Acclima TDR-310S
Apogee SN-500
Apogee SP-421
Apogee SF-410
Apogee SO-410
Apogee SO-420
Meter/Decagon 5TM
Meter/Decagon 5TE
Meter/Decagon DS2
Meter/Decagon ES-2
Meter/Decagon CTD-10
Meter/Decagon CTD-5
Meter/Decagon GS3
Meter/Decagon MPS6
Meter/Decagon MPS2
Meter/Decagon SRS-Ni
Meter/Decagon SRS-Nr
Meter/Decagon SRS-Pi
Meter/Decagon SRS-Pr
Meter/Decagon VP-4
Meter/Decagon G3DG
Ponsel PHEHT
Ponsel C4ET
Ponsel OPTOD
Ponsel Nephelo
ICT DRS26 (Band Dendrometer)


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